Friday, July 08, 2005

Crosshairs Pt 1

I will post the next pt after five replies.

I had just woken up to my pda beside my bed. A combination of an exhale and a groan excaped from my mouth as the light from the ringing pda stung my eyes.
"000-1001," It showed.
"Damn it." I sighed as I rolled over and pressed the touch screen.
"Yo, playboy, listen up. This one is a good one, at least 25 grand." This is when my ears perked up and my eyes got lighter. "Plus a decent amount of intel."
As he keep talking, I started searching for my headset. "The man's name is A.J. Macious. Leader of some joke of a mafia called...." I found them as he sighed.
"I am not making this up, IceCold Crew. " I plugged in the headset.
"Good morning operator, how is your day."
"It's cool, playboy. Anyway, when do u want the dossier."
"Why ask when it is in my mailbox."
The voice laughed then noted. "If you rush now, you might be able to catch me."
"Why rush, it not like I am one of Charlie's Angels." I said as I heard a car speed off.
With my bathrob on, two kbars hidden in my pockets, I walked outside at 6 in the morning to check my mail. A yellow envelope lay there temporaraly as I gripped it with my thumb and index finger. I pulled it out and tucked it under my arm as i scaned the area in a nonchanet way. It all seemed clear as I turned around and walked toward my door.
It was after setting it on my study desk, that I reactivated the security alarm and went back to sleep.


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